Code of Business Ethics

Key Phrase Targeting:

At Crystal Blue Solutions, we are committed to meticulously selecting and targeting key phrases that are not only relevant to your business but also align with what people are actively searching for. Unlike some Search Engine Marketing companies that may opt for “non-competitive” keywords to inflate rankings, we prioritize identifying phrases that genuinely drive traffic to your website. Many times business owners have no idea how the search engines work, entrusting us with your online image, presence, ranking and authority is a privilege we don’t take lightly. Moreover, we continuously review and refine our selection to ensure optimal targeting efficacy.

Marketing Strategy:

We pledge to craft a comprehensive online marketing strategy tailored to your website, devoid of spam techniques like keyword stuffing, page cloaking, or participation in link farm schemes. Our approach is geared towards fostering long-term success, safeguarding your website from penalties or bans by search engines.

Ongoing Campaign Management:

Opting in for our ongoing campaign management ensures sustained top positioning in the SERPs and a consistent flow of traffic, ultimately delivering a favorable return on investment. We are dedicated to the continual success of your campaign, adapting and enhancing strategies as needed to maximize results.

Customer Service:

At Crystal Blue Solutions, exemplary customer service is paramount. We are readily accessible by phone, promptly returning calls during busy periods. Emails receive swift responses, typically within an hour during standard business hours. Tasks such as campaign management or strategy modifications are executed promptly. Our commitment to efficient responsiveness underscores our dedication to serving you, making customer satisfaction our foremost priority.

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