Are you looking to enhance your user experience when they browse your company website through their smart phones? Then you should be looking at building an app that can keep your customers engaged and ensure that they have an experience unparalleled.

Android is probably one of the most commonly used platforms in most mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. In order to ensure that your app works in sync with the different device on Android, you need a team that understands the system and the need for a scalable development.

Crystal Blue solutions help you with solutions that are not just scalable to different Android devices, but solutions that make the optimal use of every tool in the Android tool set providing you with a comprehensive solution to all your app requirements.

What can we do for you?

As part of our Android app development services, we ensure that our clients are left wanting nothing and take every project, big or small, in a structured manner. From the time of conception of the idea to the time the app is deployed, we make sure that our clients are involved with us at every step.

Our Android app development cycle for any project includes four main phases namely,

  • Designing: In order to design an Android app, you need a team which is not only well versed with the programming languages, but a team that can also have an understanding of the customer perception. Our team comprising of the best quality programmers ensure that the user interface meets up the customer requirements. We offer you a prototype of the UI and a proof of concept for the design to get your approval.
  • Development: On confirmation and approval from our client on the design, our team of developers pitches in with their best effort to transform the design on paper into a reality in the digital world. Thanks to our extensive exposure to building Android apps across multiple industrial sectors, we have the ability and the skill set to handle different tools of Android and offer you with a faster turnaround.
  • Testing: Once the app is developed, we do not immediately present it to you but we test it extensively with beta testers to ensure that there is no glitch or flaw at any stage of the processing. We aim at offering a seamless experience for your customers and we look at our success in helping you succeed. We also extend the testing environment to our clients so that they can share their inputs on the app performance. It is only after conclusive evidence is available in favor of the app, will it be deployed.
  • Maintenance: Our work does not just end with developing and deploying the Android App, but we also support with maintenance on a regular basis with minimal downtime. This helps you to focus on your core business processes while your technical details are handled by us.

Let our experts guide you with the Android app development for your products! Speak to us today 619-218-9970