The success of a book is not just dependent on the content but the book cover has an equal contribution to it. It is common knowledge that a book is definitely judged based on the cover. The images and the color and the layout, including the font is what makes the first impression about a book and you definitely do not want it to get lesser attention than it deserves. And that is why you have us at Crystal Blue Solutions who can help you with the various aspects of Book cover designing.

Why should you choose us?

At Crystal Blue solutions we take the time to understand your book, its genre, the plot and of course the writing tone so that the book cover design matches with what you have inside the book. We know the amount of time and effort you have given to your book and we strive to do justice to it by creating a cover that is unique and speaks to the onlookers.

At Crystal Blue solutions, we guarantee you a book cover that will match your writing tone and convey the expectations clearly to the readers. A book only has ten seconds to impress a reader and the first impression is always in the form of the book cover.

How do we work?

We believe that understanding of the book is the key to making a successful book cover. We approach the task in a structured manner which starts with,

  1. Consultation with our clients to understand their expectations.
  2. Research on the book and the plot and other vital factors.
  3. Designing sample cover designs
  4. Seeking client inputs on the sample and making changes.
  5. Final draft designing post client approval.

Get your book cover designed by the creative experts in our team!

Let the cover on your book entice at first sight!