As a professional company dedicated to finding the most optimal solutions for all our clients, Crystal Blue solutions strives hard to provide you with a hybrid app that can cater to your customers across the globe.

Hybrid apps- what are they?

When you are in a world where everything, from basic everyday needs to complex electronics are bought online, you would want to make your brand an easier reach. And going mobile is your ultimate solution. But you would be well aware that different smart phones different OS platforms. In order to cater to the multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, we offer you with the best hybrid apps in the industry.

Why hybrid apps?

With the hybrid apps, you don’t have to worry about redoing the coding from scratch for every platform but it will have the compatibility in-built to handle every platform. There are many benefits associated with the hybrid apps for your business and some of them would be,

  • Development of multiple platform or cross platform compatibility.
  • Combines the JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 in its making.
  • A better access to the features of your smart phone or tablet.
  • Easy to download and install and run from anywhere.
  • The performance is commendably higher and better.
  • User interfaces are much more interactive and easy.
  • Affordable to all budgets as it combines more than one solution into one package.

At Crystal Blue solutions, we use the power of the languages like JavaScript and HTML5 and combine it with open source frameworks like Sencha, PhoneGap, etc. to develop an app that looks native but can be used on any platform and on any device with the same features.

Why should you choose us?

Crystal Blue solutions are well known for developing mobile applications that are flexible and agile using proven methodologies and expert technicians at the helm. When you choose us for your hybrid app development, you get,

  • Competitive pricing and free estimates for all form of mobile app development including hybrid apps.
  • Used and proven methods that are not just flexible but are easily adaptable with the evolving technology.
  • Streamlined processing and delivery within the agreed timelines with no additional cost than what was agreed in the beginning.
  • Complete transparency in the process with the team working in collaboration with the clients and ensuring clear communication at every step.
  • Irrespective of the device that is used or the platform used, the hybrid apps from our company will work flawlessly.
  • A dedicated team of professional experts and a project manager to ensure consistency in performance and timely completion of the project.
  • Complete and comprehensive quality assurance testing done by the in-house quality team prior to deployment.
  • The hybrid apps we design are not just responsive but they also work in tandem with the main website ensuring that there is no gap or misleading information.

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