Your online work doesn’t end with just the creation of a website and making it more appealing to increase traffic. If you do not have the website maintained properly and at regular intervals, then all your efforts in making the website good will go down the drain. Also given that the website is always on the internet with thousands or even millions of users accessing it, your site is also in the danger of falling prey to hackers.

Keeping your website constantly updated with latest security programs will ensure that your website is not vulnerable.

Our services

As part of our back up and monitoring/maintenance services, we offer you with,

  • Affordable hosting with an additional layer of maintenance to ensure that your website is safe.
  • We ensure that your website is constantly scanned for any possible threat of malware or other threats.
  • Monitoring the uptime for your site performance so that your downtime is kept in check.
  • A dashboard showcasing the performance of your website in terms of runtime, loading time and of course security checks.
  • Worried about possible loss of data? Check out our back up services!
  • We ensure that there are regular backups taken from your site and stored in a remote server which is not connected to the internet.
  • We keep your site updated on any possible security patch to keep it protected from sudden crashes.

That is not all though!

We also provide you consultation on how the website performance can be improved and help improving the performance of the website. We create a maintenance schedule that will help keeping your website running in optimal condition.

To get reliable, affordable and long lasting solutions for all your website maintenance and backups related services, contact Crystal blue solutions today! Do not let a possible hack threaten the security and data of your website.